Superior Performance in Every Fiber

Crypton’s revolutionary technology is the only solution offering tiered levels of protection, so your designed spaces remain beautiful and furnishings last longer. Take advantage of the industry’s most diverse collection of amazing upholstery fabrics offering the functionality of vinyl, yet are soft, breathable and aesthetically pleasing.

We call this “changing the game.”


Proven Performance. Happier Clients

Crypton Super Fabric is a specially engineered fabric system with an integrated moisture barrier that promises and delivers: Permanent Performance. No Stains. No Spills. No Surprises.

Each fiber of Crypton fabric is encapsulated to resist stains, odors, bacteria and mildew to help protect and maintain the value of your investment. With more than 80 million yards installed worldwide – including The White House and Buckingham Palace – Crypton Super Fabrics empower everyone with the freedom to Live Clean®.


Features and Benefits


  • Repels liquids and stains like there's no tomorrow
  • Easily releases ground-in stains, both water- and oil-based, with spot-cleaning
  • Ability to clean the fabric as often as necessary since liquids and stains cannot pass through the fabric barrier
  • Inhibits the growth of microbes using Silver Ion technology


Crypton Leather - The Power of Crypton.

Can you name the last major innovation in leather? We couldn’t either … until now. Meet Leather Powered by Crypton – the world’s only leather solution that’s truly capable of making the luxury of leather practical, cleanable and, for the first time, a viable alternative for health care applications.

By matching top experts in leather with our chemists, Crypton’s advanced stain, moisture and microbial technology is now able to protect and beautify leather surfaces while greatly extending the lifespan of the furniture. The end result is a stain-free, worry-free surface that looks beautiful. Watch as markings caused by pens or blue jean dye transfer easily wipe away.

Why settle for anything less than the best when it comes to preserving beauty against the rigors of everyday life?


The Crypton Process:


Cleaning Crypton Products: