ResilienceSR represents the latest technology in Faux Leather and Vinyl Protection, enhancing performance where it is needed the most.


STAIN RESISTANCE: With proper care, materials treated with ResilienceSR can be easily cleaned and will guard against stains maintaining the desired surface appearance for years to come.


ANTI-MICROBIAL & ANTI-BACTERIAL PROTECTION: Products treated with ResilienceSR are engineered to inhibit bacterial growth, as well as fungus, mold and spores, resulting in a more hygienic environment.


ABRASION RESISTANCE: ResilienceSR provides additional wear properties and surface durability to any Vinyl or Faux Leather, thereby increasing the life of the material.


ResilienceSR is not visible, and does not affect the hand of the material.  ResilienceSR is engineered to last, even after repeated cleaning and wear.  Specify ResilienceSR for the most demanding healthcare and hospitality applications.