SILVERGUARD® is a natural environmentally friendly bacteria-fighting defense to inhibit odor and stain causing bacteria, plus the SILVERGUARD technology is EPA registered and FDA approved.

SILVERGUARD stays fresh and lasts longer than other silver ion based products due to the proprietary manufacturing process which promotes a controlled release of antimicrobial properties. It continues to provide its bacteria-fighting protection after repetitive cleanings.

The elemental protection of silver in SILVERGUARD is an antimicrobial agent. It is safe and efficient in diminishing odors, promoting freshness, and extending the life cycle of a product by attacking bacteria and other destructive microorganisms.

How it works
Silver ions engineered into the unique chemistry of SILVERGUARD are highly effective against bacteria because they destroy microorganisms through multiple paths. SILVERGUARD attacks the bacteria cell wall, disrupts protein metabolism within the cell, and forms complexes with other biomolecules in the cell to alter cell functions. These ions are slowly released out of their inorganic matrix in the presence of moisture. SILVERGUARD is released as needed to effectively control bacterial growth, while leaving sufficient quantities of SILVERGUARD to retain antibacterial protection.

Silverguard and bacteria